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Halcom solutions are currently used by more than 70 commercial banks, 4 central banks and clearing houses and more than 150,000 SMEs and corporations

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Crédit du Maroc

Crédit du Maroc

Crédit Agricole Group selected Halcom’s flagship product suite consisting of online, mobile and tablet banking to become the electronic banking platform for its international subsidiaries. Crédit du Maroc was the first in the network to pilot the new solution in 2013. During the first phase of the project, CdM opted for the implementation of online and mobile solutions for Individuals. The solutions encompassed the review of all major banking products (such as accounts, deposits, loans, cards and cheques), payments, a communications and notification centers, as well as a banner management system allowing the bank to use online banking to feed customized product and service offers to selected customer segments. As the next step, CdM is currently working on further augmenting its online banking proposition to include the Corporate segment.

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Crédit du Maroc (CdM) is a universal bank that belongs to the Crédit Agricole (CA) Group, the second largest banking group in Europe. In line with the group’s strategy, CdM business model is based on customer-proximity and advice. CdM ranks as the 6th largest bank in Morocco and is operating more than 340 branches across the country.


Operating 12 branches in Qatar, QIIB required a solution that would offer an alternative servicing channel to its customers. QIIB’s objective was to go beyond the notion of electronic channels and establish a self-sufficient electronic branch that would provide secure and reliable accessibility to banking services. After a thorough evaluation of leading online banking solutions, QIIB selected Halcom’s Hal E-Bank platform as the basis for developing their Electronic branch office. The developed solution encompasses a online banking platform enabling self-enrollment and supporting transfers, bill payments, standing and balance orders, a foreign exchange office, an Islamic finance module, as well as ordering and management of various banking products such as current accounts, deposits, cheques and cards. Today Halcom and QIIB are working on extending the solution’s capability to incorporate the trade finance module, which will enable QIIB to offer a full spectrum of online banking services to its corporate customers.

Read the full case study here

Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB) is a Qatar-based bank engaged in the provision of banking, financing and investment services in accordance to the Islamic Sharia Principles. QIIB praises itself as a highly customer-centric bank, offering high value-added products and services to its clients. In 2013 QIIB efforts were recognized with the “Best Islamic Bank in Qatar” award.

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Pioneers in the area of modern convergenced
electronic banking and electronic payments

Our strengths

Halcom has been a pioneer in the area of modern electronic banking and electronic payments system from its establishment in 1992 on.

It's an international company that acts in an open and flexible manner while focusing on innovation and efficiency for customers. Best experts transform technical and subject matter knowledge into future proof products and solutions which provide a sustainable business model.

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  • 20+ sucessfull years of developing digital banking, ACH and e-payments systems
  • Proven digital banking SaaS (cloud) delivery model from 2001
  • Proficency in core banking / CRM / ERP Integrations
  • Delivering customized solutions
  • Leveraging highest security standards
  • Compliance with ISO and EU standards
  • Highly experienced & qualified resources
  • References in more than 70 commercial and 4 national banks and clearing houses
  • Innovative solutions ensuring faster time-to-market, increasing ROI and profitability

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