• ACH Banking

A reliable solution for automated clearing house service implementation

A SEPA/ISO 20022 compliant ACH solution…

Halcom's ACH solution is always compliant with the latest version of the SEPA/ISO 20022 payment standard.

with high daily throughput…

Several million transactions are cleared daily via Halcom's ACH solution.

that is always delivered on time.

All our ACH projects were delivered on time. It took us only three months to implement the clearing system for the Central bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Since we have years of experience in establishing ACH solutions on different markets, we can ensure that your needs are heard, your desires met and implemented in a production ACH system on time.

Explore our most popular features

ACH/CT and ACH/DD (Core, B2B) functionalities

A SEPA/ISO 20022 compliant ACH solution.

»Off-the-shelf« modular product

Modular product design allows fast time to market capabilities.

Efficiently managing systematic risks for ACH

Many efficient tools to handle: bank default, soft bank default, defaulted by debits only, CAP, etc.

Advanced Mandate Management System (MMS)

Traditional ACH/DD transaction verification via centralized MMS can be upgraded to a safe mobile phone ACH/DD transaction confirmation.

Integration with other CB services

Offers standard interfaces for other possibly related services like E-Bills solution, AML solution, etc.

PKI Security by design

Integrated PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) based security with hardware security tokens.

Highly Scalable

This highly scalable solution enables you to increase system throughput just by providing more powerful hardware and with minor software tuning. No additional development is required.


No single point of failure.

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