• E-Invoices

Electronic invoicing can be 60 to 80 percent more cost-effective compared to traditional paper based invoicing

Implementing e-invoicing without additional investments in a familiar environment

90% of companies already use e-banking to manage their bank accounts, which is why we used this platform to establish the e-invoicing infrastructure. Our solution is a module which enables them to process an e-invoice in the same way they process their payments.

Archiving in the cloud

Implementing e-invoices raises the question of compliant record keeping. There is nothing to worry about, since our solution handles the entire process.

Eliminating human errors

Most ERP systems are connected to the e-banking solution which means that the e-invoices are entered automatically. This eliminates the potential for human errors which saves you time and money.

Invoices can be issued within the e-banking application

Our product can establish a connection with back-end distribution systems. Customers who issue a smaller number of e-invoices can enter them manually.

Simple procedure for closing invoices, since the system tracks received payments

Experiences in the EU show that the payback period (ROI) for e-invoicing projects is less than two years.

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