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The MoneyTalks international workshop successfully concludes

Oct 11, 2014

Since October 4th, Halcom has been hosting the MoneyTalks international workshop which came to a conclusion yesterday. The expert committee decided on the winning team and the best prototype by student teams.

The commission concluded that the gamification in mobile banks prototype was the best project and the members of this team received a special award, a two-month internship in Halcom d.d. The members of the winning team were: Mehmet Sencer Karadayi from Turkey, Darko StoöiÊ from Serbia, Amna äukrija from Bosnia and Hercegovina as well as Matic Cvenkel and Nejc Radeû from Slovenia.

The members of the expert committee that appointed winners were: Matjaû »adeû, CEO of Halcom, d.d., assistant professor dr. Dejan LavbiË, Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana, and assistant professor dr. Matevû PogaËnik, Faculty of electrical engineering, University of Ljubljana.

Halcom realizes that computer and information science engineers and electronic engineers are shortage occupations. Since we wish to encourage young people in these fields, we responded to the call of EESTEC LC Ljubljana, and together we organized the Money Talks international workshop ñ first of its kind in Slovenia. The workshop hosted Slovenian students as well as students from Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Macedonia, Germany and Turkey.

The students were intensively cooperating during the week. Together with Halcom experts, they upgraded their knowledge in the areas of gamification, e-bank and m-bank platforms, security, processes of innovation, web services (REST, SAOP, XML, Json) etc. The students that attended the workshop were also able to familiarize themselves with the work processes in Halcom and therefore meet key employees which are responsible for individual product and service branches. The workshop provided them with experience in creating and presenting their own ideas. The top management crew of Halcom was mentoring them, so they had a great opportunity to improve their skills.

ìThe students did an excellent job at the workshop, and they also gained a lot of knowledge that they can use in the futureî, said Primoû Zupan, Idea manager and leader of Halcom Studio as well as the event organizer on Halcomís side.

ªThe EESTEC international student association has been introducing Advanced Skills Workshops as the newest practice of establishing relationships between successful international companies and computer science and electrical engineering students with high potential. In 28 years of existence of the local EESTEC LC Ljubljana committee, this is the first time we organized this workshop together with Halcom, d.d. We wanted to add variety to the complementary study experiences by introducing practical cases and real challenges from the industry as well as create international bonds between students across Europeî, added Darija äalehar, vice president of Eestec LC Ljubljana and the workshop organization leader.

The winning group of the Money Talks workshop has shown that intensive group work gives great results. The members of the winning team are photographed with dr. Marko Valjavec, executive director of Halcom d.d.
The participants of the free Money Talks workshop have been introduced to e-banking and m-banking platforms and developed prototypes for gamification in e-banking.

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