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Sberbank BH offers Halcom’s Hal E-Bank solution to their customers

Feb 25, 2015

Sberbank BH offers Halcom's Hal E-Bank solution to corporate and SME customers. It enables them to use a single application and a single identification process to gain access to all banks that are included into the Hal E-Bank system. This solution will enable customers to conduct payments within the domestic market as well as foreign markets, transfer and exchange currencies into Bosnia and Herzegovina convertible marks in their foreign currency accounts, check the balance of the accounts, and check their transaction history. 

“We are focused on the business of our customers and we are trying to improve it according to innovation trends. Better support for e-payments is one of the ways of achieving this goal. The Hal E-Bank solution will enable our customers to manage accounts in different banks, which saves them money  as well as time”, says Enver Lemeš, Head of Corporate Banking and Head of SME in v Sberbank BH.
“We are thrilled that Sberbank BH chose Halcom and our multibank solution to improve their offer in corporate and SME e-banking. Hal E-Bank solution is adapted to small as well as large companies and enables safe e-business, since it uses the most advanced security with certificate-based PKI smart cards. I would also like to emphasize the other benefits the solution offers to Sberbank BH customers: access to multiple accounts in different banks using one application, easy e-bank integration with back-end systems for data import and the automatic exchange of data between the customers and the bank using the Hal E-Bank/B2B solution for large organizations”, said Sibel Trbić, CEO of Halcom d.o.o. Sarajevo.
The solution is very simple to activate, since it only requires suitable computer hardware.
Halcom is the leading provider of payment system solutions in Bosnia Herzegovina and other countries in the region. They are currently present on 10 markets, and they have sold their solutions to more than 70 banks, 4 central banks and clearing houses. Halcom e-banking is currently used by more than 140 000 business users.

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