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Who will be the next Game Changer?

Apr 8, 2015

The IT Industry has been changing rapidly as a result to ever changing consumers’ habits. To actively join the debate on latest trends in the banking industry in the MEA region, Halcom was a part of Retail Banking Industry Forum in Dubai that concluded yesterday. Halcom held a seminar about the key perspectives of Digital Banking 2.0 and also showcased its products on both days of the forum.

This year’s event featured industry guru speakers such as Terry Kane (Head of Auto, Finance, Telco and Travel at Facebook, MENA Region), Sanjoy Sen, (Managing Director-Retail Banking Asia-Pacific at AZN) and David Power, (Group Chief – Retail and Private Banking Officer at Kuwait Finance House), to name a few. Joining the speakers, On the first day of event, Halcom’s Business Development Manager, Boris Mesarić, held a seminar about one of the most promising aspects of retail banking industry, the digital banking. To give the digitally savvy people the most useful experience, Halcom has already been developing new channels, such as; Facebook Bank and Wearables Banking .
Mesarić introduced his seminar Digital Banking 2.0 with the following words: “The IT industry has been facing ground breaking changes in the last few years which have been followed by changes of the way a consumer thinks, interacts with other people and also functions on a daily basis. The solutions that cater to future needs of a consumer will act as a game changer in the industry. In Halcom, we already have something in mind.” 
Retail Banking Industry forum has already been established as a well-recognized banking event in the region, being organized for the 10th time this year. It discusses the future of Middle East retail banking while identifying key opportunities for continuous growth of the industry. 
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