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Halcom’s e-invoices are becoming big in Serbia

Apr 13, 2015

In the beginning of April, Halcom began hosting seminars titled “Cost reduction with Hal E-invoices”. They have been held in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Čačak and Šabac, and by the middle of the month they will be organized in Valjevo, Kragujevac, Niš and Subotica as well. Many more people have shown interest, so they will be organized again in Belgrade and Novi Sad. 

Aleksandar Spremić, deputy director of Halcom a.d. Belgrade stated: “We are very pleased with the attendance of seminars in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Čačak and Šabac, most of all by the attendance by upper management, who wish to join the Hal E-invoicing system. The goal of these seminars is to educate the companies about the ways they can increase productivity and dramatically reduce costs.”
A little over a hundred Serbian companies attended the seminars so far. Some of them arranged meetings with their company's banks and system integrators immediately after the seminars were finished, so they could start using all the advantages of e-invoicing as soon as they could.
IT directors (CIOs) of these companies are pleased with the overall security of the system as well as the simple adjustment and implementation into existing systems. The reasons for this are the existing integration of the Hal E-Bank solution with ERP systems and the simplicity of Hal E-Invoices use.
Halcom has taken the leading role in developing innovative solutions for businesses in Serbia and the wider region. The Hal E-invoicing solution provides an extra source of income for the banks while cutting costs for their business clients. 
The existing legislation, interest among the companies and the signed contracts with the biggest companies in Serbia, leads us to expect a rise in the use of Hal E-invoices.
“The e-invoicing system can be used by all legal entities, whether they use Hal E-Bank or not, which is an ideal condition for increasing its use in practice”, says Branko Graovac, business development manager in Halcom a.d. Beograd.


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