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Jun 24, 2015

The American Chamber of Commerce – AmCham Slovenia is continuing with this year’s selection of the best business practices in the business community within the Best of the Best program. The second competition in the motivation category took place yesterday. Halcom with its Halcom's Year of Values was again the most convincing case to the voters and is, therefore, in the finals of the Best of the Best competition already with the second project. 

In the previous month the first part of the Best of the Best competition took place, in the innovation category, where Halcom was also named the winner for the Money Talks 2014 – Advanced Skills Workshop project. At the yesterday's event three amazing projects that stood out in the motivation category were presented: 
1. Družba BTC in kolesarstvo, BTC, d.d.
2. Halcomovo leto vrednot (Halcom's Year of Values), Halcom, d.d.
3. Stremite k vodenju ter motivacijski zapisi PwC žensk in vidnih Slovenk, PricewaterhouseCoopers d.o.o.
Halcom's Year of Values came to life last year. With this initiative the company wanted to emphasize that people are the company. And that people are values. The company is convinced that the values can be revived only when the company sets up an environment that allows people to express their own values. At the same time the company must offer a framework of values that are relevant and necessary for Halcom. With this project, which took place most of the year, the employees internalized these values and incorporated them in every working day in an innovative way. Halcom wanted to show that each employee has the power to influence the organizational climate, and the company is convinced that in this way it can increase employee engagement.
In the picture - the winning project - Halcom's Year of Values (photo: AmCham Slovenia)

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