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Halcom is the Winner of the AmCham's Best of the Best Competition 2015

Sep 16, 2015

Yesterday at 5 p.m. at the Annual General Meeting the American Chamber of Commerce – AmCham Slovenia announced the winner of the best business practice Best of the Best for 2015. In the finals Halcom's project Money Talks 2014, Advanced Skills Workshop in the Innovation category was the one that was the most convincing to the voters, and Halcom's Year of Values project in the Motivation category came in second. And the third place was taken by the Faculty of Economics for their project Developing Leadership for Indian Women Managers at the Faculty of Economics.

The well adopted Best of the Best program was formed last year by AmCham Slovenia at their celebration of 15 years of operation in Slovenia and at the initiative of the members they are continuing with the program in 2015. Within the Best of the Best program the best business practices in the economy are brought forward and awarded.
Nine best projects from three thematic categories, Innovation, Motivation and Openness, were introduced at the three Best of the Best events. With the help of a special committee and event participants the finalists of each category were chosen, and at the yesterday's event the winner was announced. Halcom participated in the finals with two out of three categories, Innovation and Motivation, and with the winning project Money Talks 2014 received the highest number of likes on AmCham social media and was therefore chosen as the most convincing case of a good business practise in this year's competition. Another project of Halcom, Halcom's Year of Values came in second place. 
With the winning project Money Talks 2014 – Advanced Skills Workshop, Halcom employees had an amazing opportunity to share their knowledge with young ambitious students as well as come into contact with fresh ideas and energy. Halcom's Year of Values project that came in second place, came to life last year. With this initiative the company wanted to emphasize that people are the company. And that people are values. At Halcom they believe each employee has the power to influence the organizational climate, and the company is convinced that in this way it can increase employee engagement.
Primož Zupan, Idea manager, Head of Halcom Studio and the Money Talks project expressed his opinion about such projects: »With the Money Talks project (and its successor Bytes of Banking) we have shown to young students they can overcome themselves and do amazing work in one week. I would also like to point out the enthusiasm of the EESTEC LC Ljubljana students that were proactive throughout the course of the project with preparing materials, and organization and execution of the event. By winning the Best of the Best competition, the professional, business and wider public gave a clear signal that innovation brings people together in realizing their own ideas!« 
Photo 1: The winning project Money Talks team, photo Jean Kanoyev
Photo 2: Halcom's Year of Values, second place, photo: AmCham
Photo 3: Primož Zupan, Idea Manager, Halcom, photo: Jean Kanoyev

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