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Halcom's family friendly company practice recognized internationally

Nov 17, 2014

Halcom has been certified as a Family friendly employer ever since 2012, but this year it has been recognized as one of the 13 companies in EU member states with best family friendly practices in the international project titled "Collection of good practices on reconciliation of work, family and private life in EU Member States", carried out by the European institute European Institute for Gender Equality.

The European Institute for Gender Equality has taken the initiative to recognize above average practices. Good practices can support their mission and promote gender equality. Such elements must therefore be recognized, shared with the public and studied.

Kindergarten, organized childcare for school children during school holidays, family picnics, Christmas gifts for children, flexible work schedules and flexible vacation timeÖ Halcom has many policies that improve the business as well as family life of its employees. Parents receive a bonus when their child is born, the employees can work at home under extraordinary circumstances, and parents can get additional vacation days on special days, such as the first day of school or high school information days in the last grade of primary school. Halcom firmly believes that the Family Friendly Enterprise practices result in better productivity and success rate of employees.


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