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Finconf in Sarajevo on the future of financial industry

Oct 2, 2015

A two-day FinConf conference took place in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which Halcom was also a part of. With a carefully prepared program and international lecturers, special focus of the conference was on innovativeness in the financial industry. Participants of the conference were able to listen to lectures and be a part of discussions oriented towards the future of financial markets and other themes on the European financial market. The lecturers included Ankica Kolobarić, Vice Governor at the Central bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slaviša Raković, Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, Emir Čehajić, Executive Director of Bosna Bank International as well as many other experts from the industry, and Halcom participated with two lectures.

At the conference, which was held on the 1st & 2nd October 2015, experts from the financial, regulatory and banking profession came together and the guests of the event were able to participate in inspiring discussions that opened many doors into the future. Not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also around the world, the banking world is on the verge of major changes. These are a result of changes in human behavior, legal changes and also of technology advances, which we are facing in these past years.  Paperless business operations, wearables, less frequent visits to branch offices and a new competition with the emergence of companies offering banking services are only a few cases that are forcing the banking industry to further develop. 
Among the speakers at the FinConf conference were also two representatives of Halcom. Matjaž Ostroveršnik, expert for ACH systems, talked about the opportunities in the field of clearing systems. Jovan Pavićević, responsible for the development of business opportunities in Halcom, shared with the audience the key findings on improving the overall user experience and the loyalty to the brand.
In the photo: Jovan Pavićević, Halcom, photo: FinConf

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