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Executive Brunch, Concourse of High Representatives from Banks

Nov 17, 2015

On November 17, 2015 Halcom hosted an event for high representatives from banks, named Executive Brunch at VIG Plaza in Belgrade. The purpose of the event was to find together with banks and end-users an alternative way to start making changes that would in times of all-round savings enable banks to grow, and provide companies as well as bank clients added value in their banking operations.  

The event was attended by Halcom directors from Serbia and Slovenia, and 39 representatives from 19 banks in Serbia, which shows enormous interest of the bankers to have an active role in solving current economic challenges.  
Trends in the Serbian market and in the region and the presentation of Halcom’s vision and novelties were the main themes of the event. The founder of Halcom, Matjaž Čadež, opened the event by presenting corporate banking development. The guests also learned about Real Time Clearing and Supply Chain Financing, lately two extremely attractive ways for the banks to optimize processes and lower costs. Real Time Clearing (ACH) was also discussed at the round table, the participants of which were representatives of Societe Generale bank, Vojvođanska banka, representative of Limundo d.o.o. and representatives of Halcom. 

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