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Nov 27, 2015

Join as at our FinTech Hackathon!

On December, 5-6, 2015 Halcom will host the first 24-hour FinTech Hackathon in the Adriatic region. The event will take place at ABC HUB (BTC City, Letališka 3, Ljubljana – under Emporium). Slovene and foreign programmers will be developing additional functionalities for a solution for quick and simple payment of bills, Hal mBills, to make it even better.
Are you up for a challenge?
Hackathon, known in the IT industry as the »hack day«, is an event where the organizer provides a stimulating environment for junior and senior programmers and other IT professionals to work intensely on a project and produce an innovative solution on a theme specified by the organizer in a limited time period (in our case in 24 hours).
The participants of this year’s Hackathon will be focused on the Hal mBills application and have the opportunity to develop a new, interesting and out of the box functionality. Hal mBills is an application that enables you to pay bills using your mobile phone. Key functionalities of the application are:
1. Receiving e-invoices from the issuer into the application.
2. Payment of e-invoices via your mobile wallet.
3. If the user has no funds in his mobile wallet the payment is conducted via direct debit mandate from his bank account.
4. If the issuer is not yet a part of the Hal mBills system, the user can pay every invoice using the photo pay functionality.
5. For the API technical documentation and additional info visit www.hackathon.si/api.
The most convincing solutions will be rewarded, the best teams will have the opportunity to continue developing their solutions within Halcom Studio, and there is also a possibility of Halcom buying out the most interesting ideas.
How to register
At the event teams of 2-5 persons will compete. You can register as a team or as an individual; individual participants will be formed into groups at the event.
You can register at www.hackathon.si/register
The number of competitors is limited, so hurry up and register now. It is going to be an exciting event, food and drinks will be provided, with rooms for relaxation and short breaks. You can also expect a surprise!
For additional info on the event, the schedule, happening and detailed technical information please visit www.hackathon.si.

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