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The winners of the first Fintech Hackathon are known

Dec 7, 2015
Programmers from Slovenia and abroad were developing additional functionalities of the recently introduced solution for quick and simple payment of bills, Hal mBills.  


The winners of the first 24-hour Fintech Hackathon are known. The event hosted nearly 60 Slovene and foreign programmers who competed in the development of additional functionalities of the recently introduced solution Hal mBills enabling quick and the simplest payment of bills so far. The judges were most impressed by the innovative idea of the Jackathon team, the MedQuest team came in second and the BUPR team in third place.
"By organizing our first FinTech hackathon we wanted to increase the recognition of financial and technical field that is the fastest growing industry on the global market. Young and senior developers are stimulated to develop modern, innovative FinTech solutions,” said Miha Vidmar, Development Director at Halcom and the president of the FinTech Hackathon committee. 
"The vision of the FinTech Hackathon is to become the biggest and the most recognized hackathon in the Adriatic region. The fact that this was the first hackathon to take place in Slovenia where important IT experts worldwide come from, we are on a good way to make this vision come true."
 “Winning in the competition of top developers is a priceless experience for us, giving us additional drive and motivation for further work. We are convinced we are on the right track and we’ll continue to develop our solution further”, said the members of the winning Jackathon team. “Participating in such programming competitions is the right way for ambitious developers to form a team, develop an idea and gather relevant feedback from the people defining the programming challenges. A good idea that solves actual problems has the potential to see the light of day in the business world.
All members of the winning team received an Apple Watch, flying in the Aerodium and a Sportina gift certificate in the amount of €200. The runner up team members received, in addition to the Aerodium flying, an Android tab, and the team that came in third place received portable HD discs, Bluetooth speakers and tickets to the Atlantis Water Park. The work and team pitches were graded by a three-member committee, the members of which were Miha Vidmar, Development Director at Halcom and Nejc Kodrič, Executive Director and co-creator of Bitstamp, and Primož Bratanič, editor of the main Slovenian technology portal Slo-Tech. 
An innovative mobile application Hal mBills for a quick and simple payment of bills, developed by the start-up company Halcom Plačila, the first Slovenian company with the license of the Bank of Slovenia for issuing electronic money and making payment transactions, is available to all Slovenians. The free mobile application that you can download from Apple Store and Google Play, enables you to automatically receive e-invoices of participating issuers and pay them with a few touches of the display. Invoices of those issuers that have not yet joined the Hal mBills system can be paid using the Photo Pay function. In the Halcom Plačila company the solution will be upgraded with new functionalities according to users’ needs.

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