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Halcom celebrates 10 years of presence in the markets of Albania and Kosovo

Nov 27, 2015

At the event in Tirana, held in Vila Alehandro, Halcom celebrated 10 years of presence in the markets of Albania and Kosovo. The event was attended by more than 50 high representatives of banks, companies and state institutions. This important anniversary does not only mean Halcom's electronic bank has been present in Albania for 10 years, but also that for ten long, successful and fruitful years we have been building bridges with our business partners. 

Marko Valjavec, Chief Executive Officer of Halcom, guided us through all the milestones that happened during the 10 years of mutual cooperation. In his welcome speech he pointed out that these are two very important markets for Halcom and said:" Halcom was one of the first companies to penetrate the Albanian and Kosovo markets in 2005. Already in 2005 banks in Albania and Kosovo decided for Halcom's solution in cloud, which shows that economists from that region had a clear view into the future.« He also talked about banking as well as the situation on the market being in a digital transition phase, which will lead to necessary changes in the mindsets and product development in the future.  
At the event two representatives of two banks, which have been with Halcom from the early beginnings, gave a speech. Ardian Hasa, COO, the key person for implementation of Halcom new generation products at Societe Generale Albania, pointed out the fact that innovativeness and customer satisfaction are key within the bank. Therefore, in the last year they have invested in increasing the offer of services to their customers with the goal to follow digital trends. The guests were also addressed by Arber Fazliu, Head of operations at the first bank that implemented Halcom’s mobile bank, Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo.

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