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Sixth e-Development conference in Serbia

Apr 1, 2016

The sixt conference »e-Development« took place on March 25 in Serbia. It was dedicated to an increasingly important topic, e-commerce in the Cloud. Halcom participated at the event with a keynote titled »Bank2Business & e-certificates« that was presented to 210 participants.

»Cloud« and »cloud computing« are one of the ways for the companies to benefit from the Internet and remote ICT resources, which are playing an increasingly important role in e-commerce and the transition to the digital economy. The introduction of e-commerce in the Cloud offers an increased efficiency to the businesses, with the focus also being on safety. According to the indicators, e-commerce and digital economy can expect a significant increase in the use of Cloud and Cloud technologies which can also result in the use of a new term in the field, a »Cloud economy«.
At the conference, Halcom presented its B2B solution that enables a direct communication between the company's information system (ERP) and the bank. By using Halcm's B2B solution, companies can have an always up-to-date data in their e-banks. Halcom also presented the solution for the use of digital certificates in the Cloud, which will allow the use of qualified digital certificates without the physical presence of a smart card or smart USB. 

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