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Where are the fish?

Nov 18, 2014

The Managers' association of Slovenia organized the MQ conference for innovative leadership last Friday. Halcom has attended this conference as a partner. The main conversation theme in the conference was business modelling and the importance of knowing the true needs of the buyers.

Business modeling is emphasizing the search for value for the customers, since their spending habits are significantly changed in comparison to the past. This is why new rules are needed in business, rules that adapt to change. The world is uncertain, complex and indeterminate, so we need new skills, a new mindset and new tools for reaching success.

The MQ conference offered interesting content concentrated on quickly implementing the knowledge, good practices and skills behind innovative leadership. Roman Pavlović, deputy CEO of Halcom, spoke about the importance of innovation in companies and identified key traps companies can avoind with an intelligent use of business modeling in their innovation process. By doing that, the company can define their offered unique value more quickly and accurately which is very important in today's competitive business.

"These modern times require innovative leadership principles. The MQ conference sets a stage for discussing currently important themes and emphasizes the role of old as well as new customers in the success of a company. We could quickly implement the new management practices and skills that were presented in the event." - Roman Pavlović, deputy CEO of Halcom

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