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In October we will meet at open innovation Fintech Hackathon in Adriatic - Balkan region

Oct 3, 2016

Halcom is looking ahead and organizing an Open Innovation Adriatic FinTech Hackathon in cooperation with partners at ABC HUB. We welcome all participants and aim to put this event as main FinTech Hackathon event in Adriatic and Balkan Region where partners include FinTech companies, startups, and banks that provide hack challenges. Current confirmed partners include banks: SKB & Nova KBM, domestic and foreign FinTech companies and startups: Bitstamp, MicroBlink, Halcom Plačila and corporations that seek innovative FinTech solutions: Atlantic Grupa.

For successful innovation process the technology providers: Halcom, MakerLab, Microsoft, in MicroBlink will enable usage of their technology platforms, API-s and other useful devices. In 24 hours 120 developers, programmers, designers and idea generators will compete in teams to develop the best Adriatic FinTech Hack of the year within 6 hack challenges. The awards fund is currently worth over 12.000 EUR. Please register @ www.hackathon.si. Application deadline is October 5th 2016.
Fintech is a growing industry, that is formed by companies that are using technology and technological innovations in order to improve current financial services. Fintech ecosystem is made from several areas, such as: Payments and Transfer, Security, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain etc., Insurance, Lending and Finance, Retail Banking, Wealth and Asset Management.
Hackathon, in IT industry known as »Hack day«, is an event attended by developers, programmers, designers and other IT professionals with goal to intensively cooperate in extremely short and limited time frame (from 24 to 48 hours) in order to develop a new innovative solution in certain area or topic. The main focus is creativity and searching for solutions that are driven by technology.
What Hackathon is not? An event where solutions are prepared in forms of business proposals, documents, PowerPoint presentations, development of solutions from business perspective or defined business challenges.
Fintech  Hackathon is  a project that Halcom has successfully organized in last year for the first time with the vision becoming the biggest and notorious Fintech event in Adriatic and Balkan region. By organizing a Fintech Hackathon we wish to establish an open innovation environment for interested and involved stakeholders in Fintech Community and by that accelerate Fintech innovations. Because of our strong faith in benefits of open innovation this year we are opening the event to attract other Fintech partners in Adriatic and Balkan Region and include several Fintech areas to broaden the set of hack-challenges and possible technologies for developers. Our goal is to establish sustainable partnerships with banks, companies, startups and organizations that are involved in Fintech industry and believe in power of Technological Innovation.
"Halcom aims with organizing Adriatic FinTech Hackathon to connect banks and startups in pushing the boundaries in innovation in financial industry. Due to positive response of confirmed partners I sincerely believe that this year's event will upgrade the hackathon of last year not only in quality of developed innovations but also with sustainable longterm partnerships and recognition within broader Adriatic and Balkan region. With this hackathon we want to show that we can innovate together and outrun other global providers." - Marko Valjavec, CEO, Halcom
"A large proportion of investments in FinTech startups comes right from banks and financial funds. Banks around the world also finance their competitor startups, are connecting with FinTech companies and with them develop new competitive products and generate revenue. This is the way how the retain their customers. Banks are not only pushed in partnerships due to competitiveness of startups, but also the new Directive on Payment Services (PSD 2), that requires banks to open the interfaces to their systems. 2nd Adriatic FinTech Hackathon therefore presents an excellent opportunity for banks to connect with FinTech companies and generate their competitive advantage together with FinTech community." - Miha Vidmar, CTO, Halcom
"As idea manager I regularly meet many innovators, as companies that are investing in idea development. Many of them are short of time or other resources, in order to creatively address development of disruptive ideas together with their environment. 2nd Adriatic FinTech Hackathon exceeds the current frames and unites in one event and creative space employees from partner companies with creative teams and together they develop game changing ideas in financial industry. Innovation of such scale in Adriatic and Balkan region will take place for the first time. So this is the ideal moment for that region to become reference region for FinTech industry." - Primož Zupan, Idea Manager & Head of Halcom Studio
"I participaterd at 1st Adriatic FinTech Hackathon. The whole programming and coding marathon has been very exciting and full of adrenaline due to high and complex development of solutions in financial industry. With my team we have in our free time developed the concept of idea, which we then have programmed and coded in 24 hours at the event. This year I am mentor for Banking API and I notice a lot of interes by this year's participants, because from the start of event promotion i constantly get calls or questions from colleagues, friends about Adriatic FinTech Hackathon. I strongly recomment all interested in hacking to apply as soon as possible." - Mateja Rajter, Software architect

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