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Halcom's annual User Groups about Open Banking, PSD2 and new digital certificates in a cloud

May 29, 2017

This year's user groups took place in May in three different markets – in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia. Together they attracted 62 participants from 32 banks who were acquainted with current issues in the field of digital banking. Maintaining solid relations with our customers is the key to successful cooperation which is why we also spent a lovely afternoon in a slightly more relaxed atmosphere filled with fun and teambuilding games.

The main focus of the lectures was open banking and its opportunities in the future. In Halcom, we are constantly thinking about the future of fintech, which is already creating changes in banking, and consequently also affecting the operations of all stakeholders in digital banking industry. During the lecture, the trends and new paths that are upon us were presented. According to PSD2, which will bring many changes to the banking sector, the standardization and improved efficiency of payment services are of high importance. 
Halcom's anti-fraud solution (AntiFraud) was also presented. With the arrival of new players in the digital banking ecosystem and the increase of risks, it assures the highest level of security. Halcom's response to the eIDAS regulation, which set new milestones for digital signatures, was also presented. It's called OneID, cloud certificates which allow
users to easily sign different types of documents without locally installed digital certificates, software installations and other signature components.
After the lectures, a workshop about digital banking in the future was conducted, which, thanks to the information obtained by the banks, enables Halcom to further tailor its solutions to the user's expectations and positively influence their user experience.
Such events with the banks are one of the most important channels of communication and also serve as tools to deepen the relationships. In a relaxed atmosphere outside the offices, genuine connections are made that further enable good business cooperation. In addition, banks are acquainted with current topics in the field and with trends and newcomings in the industry.

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