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The present and future of mobile payments

Nov 5, 2014

Halcom has attended the Retail banking forum, organized from the 29th till the 31st of October in Palić, Serbia by the Association of Serbian banks, and talked about the present and future of mobile payments.

The event was focused on companies that offer their products and services to the public. It opened topical questions on the development and organization of business networks, risk management and IT development in the retail sector.

The use of smartphones has become standard for users. The amount of mobile transactions in Serbia has grown by 41% in comparison to the previous accounting period. These trends should also be followed in the banking industry. Halcom has presented its solution for mobile banking, based on the simplicity and efficiency of using mobile phones for every-day financial needs of individuals, in the lecture titled “M-Bank and the present and future of payments”.

“End users expect useful solutions from banks to simplify their daily payments. This is why companies that are developing such solutions are facing the challenge of launching solutions with a pleasant user experience, which go above and beyond current customer needs.” - Aleksandar Spremić, deputy director of Halcom a.d. Belgrade

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