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Halcom presented innovative E-Bills solution in Tehran

Jan 28, 2015

Halcom presented innovative E-Bills solution at the 4th Electronic Banking and Payment Systems Conference in Tehran. Halcom and its local partner Data Processing Iran Co. underscored a huge potential of the mobile E-Bills solution. The penetration of the mobile telephones in in Iran exceeds 100 % with a minimum of 45 million bills issued to the households on a monthly basis. Faramarz Khaleghi, CEO of Data Processing Iran Co., expressed hope the solution will be penetrated as wide as possible: “As you know, Iran has more than 400 big billers across many sectors. The solution brings great benefits not only to billers but also to the government. The new “electronic” government needs such applications to reduce costs.  Data Processing Iran and Halcom have a great joint opportunity to offer consumers a fast, safe and user-friendly way to pay their monthly bills on mobile phones.”

According to Farhad Nili, Conference Secretary, an overhaul of E-banking ecosystem was the prime focus of this year's conference. Therefore, it was no surprise Halcom was once again one of the invited foreign presenters. “Long-term partnerships are very important to us. We were happy to have the opportunity to again present at this conference as it validates relevance and innovativeness of Halcom’s solutions in addressing modern banking needs,” stressed Marko Valjavec, Halcom CEO. Halcom was the only foreign company attending the conference in 2012. This year’s event was opened by Brett King (the author of the famous books Bank 3.0, Breaking banks etc.), Ericsson and PwC that all shared vision of the future banking systems. Halcom’s inter-bank clearing solution is used by the Central Bank of the Islamic republic of Iran since 2008.
*In the picture: Sasan Sedigh, DPI and Miha Filipič, Halcom, at the conference in Teheran.

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